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LR Health & Beauty has developed its own chatbot for customer service

Axel Koß (l.), Vice President for Information Technology, and Andreas Laabs, CEO of LR Health & Beauty, are delighted with the development of the company's own chatbot ‘LR-Vera’. 


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Ahlen, 23 May 2024 – It is no secret that artificial intelligence has already found its way into the economy. LR Health & Beauty is now showcasing how SMEs can also be at the forefront of the AI trend. The direct selling company with its head office in Ahlen has developed its own chatbot and will be using it in its day-to-day operations from as early as the start of June.

Specifically, the chatbot is used as part of the customer service for the German market. “This launch does by no means imply the end of personal support. Instead, we enable the employees at the Customer Service Centre to access a central knowledge pool for a quick and comprehensive response”, explains Axel Koß, Vice President for Information Technology at LR. In addition, the chatbot supports the release of forms in response to specific enquiries, which then do not require a laborious search.

The implementation of the in-house chatbot, which is based on OpenAI's GPT technology, represents an innovation project for the direct selling company. The primary objective was to learn about and test the possibilities of artificial intelligence at LR using the example of the “chatbot”. The aim was also to translate the experience gained into a guideline for the long-term and sustainable implementation of further AI technologies.

Employees at the Customer Service Centre have already tested the new tool intensively in March of this year. During this time, the chatbot was trained further on the accuracy of the answers based on the interactive question-answer behaviour. The implementation partner DXC Technology then adjusted the bot on the basis of the test results. DXC Technology provided LR with consulting and engineering services.

During the entire project, special attention was paid to conformity with data protection and compliance. “Both aspects are equally important to LR”, emphasises Koß. LR uses a private Azure server to ensure data sovereignty and security. The data are stored via a private endpoint, ensuring a secure connection between the virtual network and the in-house knowledge database.

In the course of finding a name for the chatbot, the project team decided on “LR-Vera”. “This name perfectly reflects our core competence, the development and distribution of aloe vera products”, says Dr Andreas Laabs, CEO of LR Health & Beauty.

LR Health & Beauty expands commitment to sustainable business practices


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Ahlen, 6 May 2024 - In 2023, the LR Group made significant progress in resource conservation and corporate responsibility -- these efforts are detailed in the sustainability report released by the digital social selling company for high-quality health and beauty products.

A notable achievement was a 30% reduction in paper used in the production of printed media. This was largely due to reducing the number of pages in the monthly “LR World” catalogue. Last year, the company also shifted to producing this medium in print only for a small select audience, while the majority of sales partners and customers are now informed about monthly offers via online channels.

“As digitalisation advances, we have achieved a classic win-win situation that also benefits the environment,” notes Dr. Andreas Laabs, CEO of the LR Group. “We plan to build on this in 2024 and 2025. This means that product and sales-related content will primarily be disseminated via our digital platforms. At the same time, we are also increasing our reach with this step.” Until then, the direct selling company remains committed to resource conservation and sustainability: using FSC® certified and recycled paper for 98% of its printed materials, and 100% recycled copy paper at its headquarters in Ahlen. The company was able to reduce its total paper consumption by 17% in 2023, saving 220,000 kilograms compared to the previous year.

In the realm of "Travel and Transport," LR has implemented measures that contribute to reducing its ecological footprint. In 2023, revised internal guidelines and incentives have increased the proportion of electric vehicles in the company’s fleet. This is reflected in the decreased consumption of gasoline and diesel, which was reduced by more than 10%. The company has also boosted the energy output of its 32 charging stations located at its Ahlen sites on Kruppstraße, Porschestraße, and Zeche Westfalen. “In 2023, our stations delivered 87,758 kWh of electricity to pool and company vehicles, representing a 72% increase over the previous year,” notes Markus Bange, who oversees the development of the sustainability strategy. “What’s more, last year we launched the 'Charge at Home' program, allowing every employee with an electric company car to set up their own charging station at home through LR.”

A further milestone was reached with the new photovoltaic plant, completed in partnership with the Winkelmann Group, headquartered in Ahlen. The plant was commissioned at the end of last year at the LR site on Porschestraße and has a capacity of approximately 1,000 kWp. It is used for the company’s own needs and feeds excess energy into the power grid. LR expects the plant to make a significant contribution to the generation of renewable energy for the first time in 2024. As the solar power generator only started operation in the winter months of 2023, its full impact will become apparent this year.

Before the photovoltaic plant was commissioned, LR’s German company locations were already powered 100% by green electricity. Across borders, about 77% of the energy consumed in 2023 came from renewable sources -- last year, two international LR locations switched to green electricity. 

Improved communication with the new LR corporate website: Structured. International. Responsive.


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Ahlen, 18 January 2024 – LR Health & Beauty is pleased to announce the launch of its completely redesigned corporate website. With this step, the company is presenting its content in a refreshing, clearer, and more structured form that will benefit media representatives, the public, and, above all, LR sales partners. The corporate website of LR not only serves as an international business card, but also as a central point of contact for all countries in which the company is active. In addition, it is now even better aligned with the needs and expectations of the global community.

An outstanding feature of the new design is the implementation of the “mobile first” approach. This enables unrestricted access to all information on the website via tablet and smart-phone. The website adapts seamlessly to any format, ensuring an optimised user experience on all devices.

The homepage is divided into two sections, “Business Model” and “Company”, with a link to the LR e-shop and the LR sales partner page. The latter continues to serve as a digital business card for interested parties. In the “Company” section, interested parties can find information divided into the categories ”About us“, “Aloe Vera Expert”, “LR Worldwide”, “LR Global Kids Fund”, “Compliance“, “Sustainability“, “Investor Relations“, and “Vacancies“. Career starters and job seekers can access the HR page directly via the vacancies category, which offers a comprehensive overview of entry-level opportunities, vacancies, and employee benefits in line with the guiding principle of the company (“More quality for your life”).

“Our aim was to create a platform that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers the best possible orientation and outstanding user experience, in other words, convenient access to information. The new structure of the corporate website helps us to communicate current topics even more clearly, for example via the slider on the front page", says Nele Hütte, Director eCommerce & Digital Solutions.

The new website was created with the active support of internal employees and two dedicated agencies. The agency “neteleven” was responsible for the implementation of the content management system. The agency “Valantic” provided support for the system landscape. The concept for the new website, the UX design, and the layout of the site were mainly developed internally by LR.

Visit our new website at and discover the wealth of information about LR, which is now accessible even more intuitively.

Green power from the rooftops of Porschestrasse

LR Health & Beauty is broadening its sustainability commitment by putting into operation a large-scale photovoltaic system 


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Ahlen, 11 January 2024 – The direct selling company LR Health & Beauty is actively reducing its carbon footprint by installing a photovoltaic system comprising around 2,500 modules. The solar power generator – covering 4,965 square metres and boasting a peak capacity of 999 kWp – was put into operation at the end of last year. 

The green electricity is generated on the rooftops of the Aloe Vera production, the service centre and the two logistics halls at the Porschestrasse site in Ahlen. To ensure an efficient energy production, LR has chosen high-quality photovoltaic modules and had them installed using the latest technology. 

The company will use the system for its own energy needs but will also feed excess energy into the power grid. “We are proud to not only cover our own energy needs but to go beyond and do our bit to increase the proportion of renewables in the local power grid,” underlines Christoph Maris, Vice President Operations at LR. In 2022, LR used 3,466,671 kWh of electricity. 

In addition to putting the photovoltaic system into operation, LR is planning to implement a steam generator in January, which will run purely on electricity. Until now, LR only had a gas-operated generator. Thanks to this new acquisition, nothing but electricity will be needed to generate the steam – from spring to autumn and maybe even longer. The generator is used in the production process of the popular Aloe Vera Drinking Gels.

Generous gift: LR Global Kids Fund donates 200,000 euros at the 28th RTL Donation Marathon

A great day for the LR Global Kids Fund e.V.: CEO Kirsten Ueckmann handed over a donation cheque for 200,000 euros to Wolfram Kons, presenter of the RTL Donation Marathon and chairman of the foundation "Stifung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V.".


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Ahlen, 17 November 2023 - Today, the LR Global Kids Fund e.V. (LRGKF) made an important television appearance on RTL. The Ahlen-based organisation was a guest at the 28th RTL Donation Marathon of the "Stiftung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V." foundation. During the studio appearance, Kirsten Ueckmann, Chairwoman of LRGKF, handed over a generous donation cheque for 200,000 euros to RTL charity boss Wolfram Kons.

"This is the eighth time the LRGKF has taken part this year, but the TV event is still always something special for us, especially the cheque handover! I would also like to thank the 'Stiftung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V.' foundation for the great organisation, which worked smoothly as always," sums up Ueckmann.

The joint partnership between the LRGKF and the "Stiftung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V." foundation provides long-term support for disadvantaged children and young people. They are given access to healthy meals, a wide range of educational opportunities and effective personal development programmes that pave the way for a promising future. The annual RTL Donation Marathon marks the highlight of this joint commitment. The generous donation of 200,000 euros, presented to the foundation by the LRGKF, will benefit the RTL-Kinderhaus Lunch Club Ahlen. During the handover of the donation, the short film shows the Lunch Club's newly designed garden, which was created according to the children's wishes. Today, the children use and enjoy the garden for playing and "eating". The footage was shot at the beginning of August - on the occasion of the opening of the new garden at the RTL children's centre.

"Like every charitable organisation, we also rely on the generosity of our supporters. We certainly don't take their loyalty for granted and are proud of our joint commitment," emphasises Ueckmann.


About the RTL Donation Marathon

A true gem of German television history, for the 28th time, Wolfram Kons will launch the live RTL Donation Marathon on 16th November 2023 at 6:00 pm. Being the longest charity broadcast on German television, the environmentally friendly green-production is once again implemented, serving as the most important fundraising event for "RTL – Wir helfen Kindern" (RTL - We Help Children). For a period of 24 hours, RTL reorganises its programming to allow for collecting funds for children in need. Live broadcasts are aired from the donation studio every hour. Wolfram Kons appeals to viewers for assistance, greets celebrities manning the donation phones in the Vodafone call centre, and conducts interviews with godparents about their emotional encounters during visits to aid projects. 

RTL Donation Marathon Shines Spotlight on LR Global Kids Fund and Lunch Club

A significant television appearance for LR Global Kids Fund e.V. and the Ahlen Lunch Club will take place on 18th November when Kirsten Ueckmann, Chairwoman of LRGKF, presents a generous donation check to Wolfram Kons as part of the RTL Donation Marathon. The left-hand image depicts Kirsten Ueckmann with Viktoria Neddermann and the children from the Lunch Club at the garden opening in mid-August, and the right-hand image shows the Lunch Club children enjoying the new garden.


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Ahlen 13th November 2023 - It's that time again on Friday, 17th November 2023 when LR Global Kids Fund e.V. (LRGKF) steals the show at the annual RTL Donation Marathon. TV presenter Wolfram Kons will welcome this Ahlen-based children's charity to the studio for the eighth time. The longest charity broadcast on German television will offer viewers a glimpse into the remarkable work of LRGKF and Lunch Club Ahlen. The donation check presentation will take place once again on the final day of the RTL Donation Marathon

- Friday, 17th November 2023 - between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. on RTL.

Kirsten Ueckmann will again present the donation check. The Chairwoman of LRGKF is eagerly anticipating the event, as participating in the RTL Donation Marathon and supporting the charity is a matter close to her heart. "I am delighted that this year, female sales partners who are actively supporting the charity will join me. Although I may feel nervous on stage, it is always a fantastic experience."

The live broadcast will feature footage of the RTL Kinderhaus Lunch Club in Ahlen, with the newly designed garden on Wichernstrasse being the highlight of the show, briefly airing on television screens across Germany. Having a garden for playing and consuming was a long-desired wish for the children. Therefore, the "Utility Garden" project was born. The outcomes are remarkable! Alongside excellent play equipment and a barefoot path, the children can also collect fruit from trees and bushes, as well as harvest vegetables from the raised bed in their garden. The filming for this video was conducted in August, and Kirsten Ueckmann and Achim Tirocke attended the garden's inauguration and observed the children's excitement up close.

"I am delighted to announce that we are once again able to donate a substantial amount this year to 'Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e.V.' This achievement has been made possible entirely through donations. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all our charity supporters, especially to the LR sales partners, LR employees, and LR Health & Beauty. All of the funds raised will go towards benefiting the Lunch Club.

LR Global Kids Fund e.V. has been a long-standing advocate of the Lunch Club since its establishment." In 2016, Ahlen children's charity partnered with 'Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e.V.' to enhance their mission. The collaboration led to the introduction of the Lunch Club as an RTL Kinderhaus during the summer of 2018, with an extension of opening hours from three to five days per week.


About the RTL Donation Marathon:

A true gem of German television history, for the 28th time, Wolfram Kons will launch the live RTL Donation Marathon on 16th November 2023 at 6:00 pm. Being the longest charity broadcast on German television, the environmentally friendly green-production is once again implemented, serving as the most important fundraising event for "RTL – Wir helfen Kindern" (RTL - We Help Children). For a period of 24 hours, RTL reorganises its programming to allow for collecting funds for children in need. Live broadcasts are aired from the donation studio every hour. Wolfram Kons appeals to viewers for assistance, greets celebrities manning the donation phones in the Vodafone call centre, and conducts interviews with godparents about their emotional encounters during visits to aid projects.

Young Artists Shine Bright

For a good cause: The sale of this Christmas mug supports the projects of the LR Global Kids Fund e.V.. For each piece, seven euros go directly to the children's charity. This year, too, the children of the Lunch Club Ahlen provided the idea for the motif of the cup.

Ahlener Lunch Club Kids Design LR Christmas Mug for a Good Cause


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Ahlen, 31 October 2023 - The holiday season has here, usually regarded as the most delightful time of the year. It is a period that brings people together by reminding us of the joy of giving, whether via tiny gestures or large acts of compassion. What if these presents had a larger meaning? The LR Christmas collection includes a new charity mug that does just that. It not only makes the receiver happy, but it also helps underprivileged children through the LR Global Kids Fund's philanthropic efforts. For the eighth year in a row, the design of this mug was created in collaboration with young artists from RTL-Kinderhaus Lunch Club Ahlen and committed LR volunteers.

Cookies are an essential component of any Christmas celebration

Sweet treats, especially cookies, are necessary throughout the holiday season, according to the young painters at the Lunch Club. According to history, the Christmas cookie custom extends back centuries to a period when monks gladly shared tasty cookies with the less fortunate out of compassion. Even after generations, baked cookies remain a symbol of love and caring, values that connect with the key ideals of the LR Global Kids Fund, a children's charity.

The process of designing the charity mug was as quick as it was creative. Inspired by the olfactory heritage of gingerbread, the Lunch Club's young artists used felt-tip pens to bring to life a gingerbread woman and an appealing gingerbread guy. The end product is a lovely representation of these delectable gingerbread characters, topped with pine foliage and red berry branches to capture the festive atmosphere - a result worth celebrating.

Each purchase benefits underprivileged children

The 11th limited special edition of the popular Villeroy & Boch mug will be available exclusively through LR's Christmas collection at beginning November 1st, 2023. The company will donate the seven euros per cup sold directly to the LR Global Kids Fund. With the purchase of LR donation products - like this Christmas mug - sales partners, customers and employees directly support disadvantaged children.

LR Global Kids Fund marks its 14th anniversary and unveils remarkable 2022 achievements


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Ahlen, 14 September 2023 – On 15 September 2023, the LR Global Kids Fund e.V. (LRGKF) will celebrate its 14th birthday, continuing to serve as an inspiring beacon of hope for impoverished children worldwide. Simultaneously, the group releases its 2022 Annual Report, a monument to its amazing achievements despite adversity.

A Legacy of Compassion

LR Global Kids Fund e.V. was founded on 15 September 2009, with the goal of providing a better future for poor children and young people. LR Health & Beauty, along with its dedicated staff, sales partners, and customers, had a common objective from the beginning: to teach underprivileged children the fundamental virtues of security, trust, and respect, which are vital for their development. These beliefs serve as the foundation for LRGKF's steadfast commitment. Over the course of 14 years, the organisation has constantly assumed the responsibility of offering trust and support to children in need, motivated by a desire to make a difference.

LRGKF is proud to look back on significant milestones such as its collaboration with the Lunch Club in Ahlen (2012), the establishment of the RTL-Kinderhaus in 2018, its inaugural participation in the RTL-Donation-Telethon (2016), the effective partnership with SOS Children's Villages worldwide (2018), and the joyous celebration of its 10th anniversary (2019).

2022 in Review: Inspiring Resilience

LRGKF delivers an amazing annual report for 2022 (Annual Report 2022), despite the severe obstacles of 2022, moulded by the Ukraine crisis and a subsequent decline in donations. Last year, the charity funded 18 initiatives in 18 countries, with contributions totaling more than 400,000 euros. Notably, LR Health and Beauty donated about 340,000 euros in 2022 alone, demonstrating the company's unwavering commitment.

LRGKF remains committed to assisting children in need, both domestically and globally. In 2022, the organisation funded 1 national and 17 international children's aid projects, with a national gift volume of roughly 202,500 euros and an international donation amount of 211,940 euros.

Long-term collaborations are critical to LRGKF's success. An example of exceptional collaboration is the 11-year partnership with „Stiftung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e. V." (RTL Foundation - We Help Children). Both groups are steadfast in their mission to give impoverished children the opportunity for a better future. The RTL-Donation-Telethon, in which LR Global Kids Fund e.V. actively participated in 2022, is the yearly highlight. Chairwoman Kirsten Ueckmann presented Wolfram Kons with a generous donation of 200,000 euros, ensuring ongoing support for the RTL Children's Home in Ahlen.

LRGKF's commitment in 2022 remained to prioritise educational programmes intended to promote children's self-confidence through homework assistance and overall learning. Furthermore, the group remained steadfast in its commitment to provide psychosocial support to children and young people dealing with traumatic situations.

„We are profoundly grateful for the unwavering support of LR Health & Beauty, its partners, and our dedicated members", said Kirsten Ueckmann, Chairwoman of LR Global Kids Fund e.V. "Their solidarity and generosity are critical to our work at LRGKF, allowing us to provide a bright future for as many children as possible. Every day, we work together to make the world a better place for countless disadvantaged children."


Beaming with joy on their first day of training (from left to right): Lea ten Brink, Dr. Andreas Laabs (CEO LR Health & Beauty), Jordan Schmidt, Tim Rahenbrock, Rabia Tosun, Melissa Schröter, Nina Marie Maack, Tom Schmidgal, Anna Feischen and Sarah Wendland (Training Supervisor at LR Health & Beauty)

LR Health & Beauty welcomes its trainees for 2023


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Ahlen, 01 August 2023 – Today, greatly anticipating the start of the new chapter of their lives, eight young talents began their training or integrated degree programme at the direct sales company LR Health & Beauty.

Ever since they first met at a get-together a month ago, Anna Feischen, Nina Marie Maack, Tim Rahenbrock, Tom Schmidgal, Jordan Schmidt, Melissa Schröter, Lea ten Brink and Rabia Tosun have been looking forward to starting at LR. “We are also really happy to finally officially welcome our new recruits and to be able to support them taking their first steps into their professional future,” stresses Training Supervisor Sarah Wendland.

Today’s first day of training started with a tour of the various LR locations across Ahlen. During lunch, the LR newbies had the chance to get to know the trainees who are already in their second and third year of training. “Structuring the first day like this has proven successful over the years because both the tour and the exchange with the other trainees always generates a positive response,” explains Wendland.

A new element this year is a meeting with CEO Dr. Andreas Laabs, which will take place shortly after the new trainees start next week. “Educating young people is incredibly important to me,” emphasises Laabs. “It’s always great to see how young, motivated talents help shape the future of the LR Group.”

LR Health & Beauty has successfully trained new staff for over 30 years. The 2023 recruits will strive to become industrial management assistants, IT specialists for system integration and designers for digital & print media (partly in cooperation with SBH West), while some will also study business administration through the integrated degree programme. In addition to the training scheme, the company also offers an attractive trainee programme for university graduates.

Convincing across the board: LR Health & Beauty receives yet another award for innovative beauty product


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Ahlen, 01 June 2023 –It’s been about four months since the top seller product “LR Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device” has been recognized for its outstanding design. Now, another award in the “Bath and Wellness” category has brought a cheerful mood to health & beauty product providers: Zeitgard Pro may now be presented with an additional “special mention” of the German Innovation Award 2023 – proving its ability to stand out among others as a cosmetic device for home use with exceptional user-centred design and surplus value.

“This renewed recognition proves that, with Zeitgard Pro, we managed to partially revolutionise the beauty industry”, Dr Andreas Laabs, CEO of LR Health & Beauty, pointed out. “I’m delighted that the renowned jury has acknowledged our ‘All-rounders’ user-friendliness and overall high quality.”

Zeitgard Pro combines four different application functions, that ensure professional facial cleansing, intensive detox exfoliation, visible wrinkle reduction and a firmer and more even complexion. When used together with basic care products designed for the user’s age and skincare needs, the innovative device ensures timelessly beautiful skin. A study by Institute Dermatest confirms: The Face Smoothing Tool reduces depth of wrinkles by up to 69% after four weeks of use.*

“The award with its distinction ‘Special Mention’ is the result of an engaged team of specialists who’ve worked hard to make our Zeitgard Pro what it is today – a truly firstrate product”, Laabs explains, while especially thanking all responsible LR employees. “This high level of commitment has enabled us as a business to set new standards.”

The German Innovation Award honours products, technologies and services every year that distinguish themselves through new, innovative features. This requires an assessment by a jury comprised of independent experts of technology, digitisation, science and institutions.

*Scientific Study carried out by the Institute Dermatest GmbH in 2022., Number of subjects: 20

LR Health & Beauty invests in new packaging plant at the Ahlen site and increases production capacity for health products by 30%

(from left) Christoph Maris (Vice President Operations), Dr Andreas Laabs (CEO) and Marco Steiling (Manager Production & Insourcing Process) are pleased with the new packaging and palletising machine.


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Ahlen, 19 May 2023 - Great Joy at the Olfetal industrial estate in Ahlen: Last Week, LR Health & Beauty received its new packaging and palletising machine. After a transport distance of more than 1,000 kilometres, the state-of-the-art machine from Castelfranco Veneto in Italy arrived at the Aloe Vera production site on Porschestrasse on Saturday.

The machine is used in the production of the popular Aloe Vera Drinking Gels, as well as the Mind Master Brain & Body Performance Drinks. “A first test run at the beginning of this week was carried out without any problems. The system has already been technically accepted and put into operation”, says Christoph Maris, Vice President of Operations at LR.

First, the new machine sets up the cartons. Next, the cartons are sealed with paper tape, labelled and loaded onto pallets. “Thanks to the new machine, we can accelerate production and automate strenuous physical work”, Maris summarises.

However, the machine doesn’t operate fully autonomously yet, since proper system functions have to be checked regularly. In addition, the cartons, adhesive tape and pallets must be refilled. This task will still be carried out by the employees of the production area.

CEO Dr Andreas Laabs emphasises that LR is also using the conversion of this logistical sub-process to improve its environmental protection efforts: “The new system will allow us to increase production capacity for Health products by 30%, preparing us for further growth. We are also switching to smaller shipping cartons with less empty space. This reduces our material usage and enables better pallet utilisation, which in turn benefits the environment.”

The appropriate conception, production and assembly of the new plant, which can also serve other packaging sizes than those currently required, was carried out with external support. “I am very pleased that we are now taking this step. Our sales partners and customers can now have their orders at hand a bit earlier after all”, Laabs highlights.

LR kicks off Q1 2023 with sales growth and continues to drive international expansion with market entry in the UK

  • Effective strategic initiatives put LR back on track for growth with 5% sales increase in Q1 2023
  • Market activities in the UK to commence in the third quarter of 2023
  • Favourable market conditions in the UK for social selling
  • Cross-sponsoring promotes market access and career development of partners


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Ahlen, 24 April 2023 – LR Global Holding GmbH, Europe’s leading digital social selling company in the area of high-quality health and care products, had a successful start to the financial year 2023. Based on preliminary figures, the LR Group increased sales in the first quarter of 2023 by 5% year-on-year (Q1 2022: EUR 68.6 million). The strategic realignment initiated in the summer of 2022 thus continues to have a positive effect and puts LR back on track for growth. Thus strengthened, LR will enter the UK market in the third quarter of 2023 in continuation of its international expansion. Including the market entry in the UK, the LR Group will be represented in 32 countries worldwide. The UK, with its four countries England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, has a population of around 70 million and offers favourable market conditions for the planned expansion of the business activities in Europe.

Dr. Andreas Laabs, CEO of LR Health & Beauty SE, comments: “We’re pleased that the targeted promotion of our partners’ career development is paying off and that LR is back on track for growth in the first quarter of 2023. This gives us the momentum to drive the expansion into new markets. With our market entry in the UK, we’re taking the next step in opening up this attractive growth market for LR. Given the excellent market conditions and entrepreneurial culture, we see great opportunities in the UK for the distribution of our health and care products. At the same time, the market entry in the UK enables our partners to successfully grow their careers. On the back of our strong partner community as well as our high-quality products 'Made in Germany', we’re positive that LR will do very well here.”

The business activities in the UK are managed from Germany, enabling LR to leverage its proven expertise from decades of experience in social selling. 2 This is in line with LR’s strategy to increasingly rely on partner cross-sponsoring, which focuses on gaining new partners across countries. Numerous measures – such as individual starter packages or the Fast Track 5.0 bonus programme – help partners to tap into the UK market. Under the LR brand, the LR Group globally distributes around 200 high-quality health and care products, including food supplements, body care products and fragrances. Top sellers like the new ZEITGARD Pro device for innovative skin care provide additional momentum for LR partners expanding their activities in the UK.

Further information on the business development as well as the full figures for the first quarter of the 2023 financial year will be published by LR at the end of May 2023.

Award-winning innovation: Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device wins German Design Award 2023

The LR Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device is a German Design Awards 2023 ‘Winner’ in the “Excellent Product Design” competition in the “Bath & Wellness” category.

LR Health & Beauty receives coveted award in the category “Bath & Wellness”


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Ahlen, 16 December 2022 – The launch of the Zeitgard Pro Cosmetic Device in September of this year will go down as the most successful launch in LR Health & Beauty history. Now there is another milestone to celebrate: With its “At-Home Beauty Salon”, the international direct sales company has won the German Design Award 2023 in the category “Bath and Wellness”. With its modern and timeless product design, ergonomic handle and inductive charging station, the Zeitgard Pro wowed the jury in the “Excellent Product Design” competition.

CEO Dr. Andreas Laabs points out that winning the German Design Award is a key moment in LR history: “The German Design Award acknowledges the hard work that our colleagues have put into developing this ground-breaking LR product. The Zeitgard Pro is modern, timeless and totally innovative – the fact that the German Design Awards jury recognised this makes us very happy.” In February, Andreas Laabs will travel to the official award ceremony together with a number of LR employees and accept the award, which will be presented by the German Design Council.

Zeitgard Pro is full of innovative power As a cosmetic device for home use, the Zeitgard Pro combines four different application functions that ensure professional facial cleansing, intensive detox exfoliation, visible wrinkle reduction and a firmer and more even complexion. When used together with basic care and cleansing products appropriate for the user’s age and skincare needs, the Zeitgard Pro ensures timelessly beautiful skin. The Zeitgard Pro is up to ten times more effective at removing impurities from the facial skin than conventional manual cleansing*.

* Scientific study by the renowned institute Dermatest GmbH, 2022.


German Design Council

The German Design Council has operated as one of the world’s leading centres of expertise in communication and knowledge transfer within design, branding and innovation since 1953. It is part of the worldwide design community and has always contributed to the establishment of global exchange and networking thanks to its international offering, promotion of new talent and memberships. With events, conventions, awards, jury sessions and expert committees, the Council connects its members and numerous other international design and branding experts, fosters discourse and provides important stimulation for the global economy. More than 350 businesses currently count among its members.

LR Group reinforces management team


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Ahlen, 08 December 2022 – LR Global Holding GmbH is today announcing that Patrick Sostmann has been appointed General Manager Sales & Marketing. He will take up his position on 1 February 2023, thus rounding out the management team. In his role, he will be responsible for Sales (global sales regions), Marketing and Global Sales Operations.

LR has significantly improved its business performance in recent months, with revenues approximating the 2021 record year in the third quarter. Along with the launch of ZEITGARD Pro, greater cooperation at the international level proved a key driver of this turnaround. Dr. Andreas Laabs, Chairman of the Management Board of LR Health & Beauty SE and CEO of the LR Group since the end of May 2022, explains: "The latest development shows we were right: Although multiple challenges cloud the overall economic environment, LR can continue on its growth trajectory if we work more closely as an international team together with our sales partners and the countries."

One of Patrick Sostmann’s important tasks will be to intensify cooperation between headquarters and the regional and local country teams. Sostmann, aged 48, has a long track record of direct sales experience and excellent knowhow in international sales.

The responsibilities of Andreas Grootz, General Manager Legal & New Markets, and Thomas Heursen, General Manager Global Partner Relations, will remain unchanged. All three general managers report to the CEO.

"I am looking forward to our work together, and I am convinced that LR enjoys the best prerequisites with this management team for mastering all challenges and for achieving the ambitious goals we have set ourselves," concludes Dr. Andreas Laabs.



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Ahlen, 18 November 2022 – “Lights! Camera! Action!” Today, the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. (LRGKF) celebrated its big annual TV appearance: the Ahlen-based charity was a guest at the 27th RTL telethon for “Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e.V.”. During her appearance on the RTL studio stage, Kirsten Ueckmann, chairwoman of the LRGKF, handed a donation cheque totalling 200,000 euros to Wolfram Kons, who heads the RTL charity.

“Even though the LRGKF already took part for the seventh time this year, presenting the cheque was a really special moment for me. I would also like to thank the charity “Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e. V.” for organising the event so well,” adds Ueckmann.

The LRGKF and the charitable foundation “Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e. V.” support disadvantaged children and young people through their long-term and sustainable cooperation. The youngsters are provided with healthy meals, a variety of educational offers and effective personal development opportunities, thereby paving their way towards a promising future. The annual RTL telethon is always the biggest donation event for the joint projects of the two charities. The EUR 200,000 donated to the foundation by the LRGKF will benefit the RTL Kinderhaus Lunch Club Ahlen.

A short clip that was broadcast during Kirsten Ueckmann’s appearance showed how diverse and life-enriching the work of the Lunch Club is. The recordings were made at the beginning of September – when Wolfram Kons was there to inaugurate the new premises.

For the LRGKF, taking part in the RTL telethon is something of a tradition. “Nevertheless, a commitment of this magnitude cannot be taken for granted. Because – like any other non-profit organisation – we, too, depend on our supporters’ readiness to donate,” Ueckmann points out.


About the RTL telethon

A genuine piece of television history: on 17 November 2022 at 06.00 pm, Wolfram Kons kicked off the 27th edition of the live RTL telethon. The longest-running charity show on German TV was once again hosted as environmentally friendly “Green Production” and is the most important fundraising event for “RTL – Wir helfen Kindern”. For 24 hours, RTL changed its regular TV programme and collected donations for children in need. Every hour, a live update was broadcast from the donations studio: Wolfram Kons called on viewers to help, welcomed celebrities on the donation phones at the Vodafone call centre and asked the sponsors about their moving experiences during their visits to the aid projects.


For a good cause: the sale of this Christmas cup supports the projects of the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. For every cup sold, 10 euros go directly to the children’s charity. This year, the children of the Lunch Club Ahlen once again provided the idea for the motif on the cup.

Ahlen Lunch Club kids provide inspiration for the motif of the sixth LR donation cup


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Ahlen, 31 October 2022 – “What makes Christmas magical for you?” – this was the question the youths at this year’s Lunch Club Kids creativity campaign explored together with LR volunteers. The aim of the convivial afternoon of painting and drawing was to find a motif for LR Health & Beauty’s next Christmas cup, the proceeds of which will be donated to the children’s charity LR Global Kids Fund.

As always, the design was already created at the beginning of the year. Some of the young artists have already taken part in the design of this charity product for a number of years. This time, they were encouraged to let their imagination run wild with plenty of pencils, paintbrushes and watercolours. Since several children drew a picture of Father Christmas on his sledge being pulled along by his reindeer, they quickly agreed on a motif. The stars and pink clouds are also inspired by the children’s drawings. “It was lovely to see how much fun everyone had at the event and how creative they all were. Delivering the basic idea for something that is then actually produced is a very special experience for these youngsters,” enthuses Helga Dittrich from the Lunch Club, who supervised the afternoon as an art therapist.

The limited special edition of the Villeroy & Boch cup will be sold at the start of the LR Christmas business period from 01 November ( and is always a hugely popular item. In previous years, it often sold out well before Christmas. For every Christmas cup sold, 10 euros go directly to the LR Global Kids Fund – money that is entirely invested in children in need.


Kirsten Ueckmann is the new chairwoman of the LR Global Kids Fund.

General assembly votes for women power


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Ahlen, 26 October 2022 – Kirsten Ueckmann is the new chairwoman of the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. (LRGKF). This was decided by the general assembly of the Ahlen-based children’s charity on 22 September 2022. The 56-year-old has been an integral part of the LRGKF board team for over ten years and is succeeding Andreas Friesch.

Being elected chairwoman is an important step for Kirsten Ueckmann. Ueckmann, who originally hails from Gütersloh, is thrilled about her new job: “Children are our future! However, many are denied a good education, thereby missing out on a promising future. Our help is indispensable, particularly in these challenging times. Making the world of so many disadvantaged children a little bit better every day is very important to me and the entire LRGKF team.”

Women power at the LR Global Kids Fund e. V.

Kirsten Ueckmann will be supported in her new role by Almut Kellermeyer, who will continue to serve as deputy chairwoman for the next two years. This means that, for the first time in the history of the charity, two women are at the helm of the LRGKF. We are really pleased about this, stresses Almut Kellermeyer: “As two strong-minded women, we will continue to do everything we can to support disadvantaged children and youths, including through a wide range of educational offers and with the help of effective personal development measures.”

Many children and youths around the world are growing up in precarious circumstances. They are affected by poverty or wars. Their families are often unable to provide them with access to education and development measures. That’s why support from charitable organisations is so vital for these children and youngsters. As a sponsor of global children’s aid projects, the LRGKF invested around 520,000 euros in 17 projects in 2021 alone. Funds went, for example, to the “RTL Kinderhaus Lunch Club” in Germany, the “SOS Children’s Village Brovary” in Ukraine and the “Family House” in Bulgaria.

LR Health & Beauty enters a new beauty era

The specialist for health and beauty products introduces a product innovation


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Ahlen, 04 October 2022 – With the launch of its new product, LR Health & Beauty once again proves its innovative strength. Sales of the ZEITGARD PRO COSMETIC DEVICE with its ground-breaking technology have already started.

As a cosmetic device for home use with interchangeable beauty tools, the new product combines four care routines: it enables deep-pore facial cleansing and intense peeling, it acts as an anti-aging booster, and it firms up your body skin. When used together with basic care products appropriate for your age and skincare needs, the ZEITGARD PRO ensures timelessly beautiful skin.

“We are proud to introduce the new ZEITGARD PRO, a real high-tech product that significantly improves the daily beauty routines of our customers. The entire LR team and I are so confident of our innovation that we have even filed a patent application for the ZEITGARD PRO in Germany,” enthuses CEO Dr. Andreas Laabs.

Throughout the development of the ZEITGARD PRO, LR collaborated with Dr. med. Gerrit Schlippe. The specialist for dermatology & venereology confirms the innovative power of the new product: “The device is a real all-rounder and can give you beauty salon results.” This is partly down to the ultrasound vibrations. On the one hand, they help transport the anti-ageing active ingredients of the care products much faster and deeper into the skin tissue. “On the other hand, they act like a micro-massage, thereby stimulating the formation of new collagen,” explains Schlippe, who has been working in cosmetics research for 25 years.

The effects described above were confirmed in an extensive study with over 60 participants by the independent testing institute Dermatest in 2022. The study was able to show, for instance, that the depth of wrinkles was reduced by up to 70 per cent after using the Face Smoothing Tool daily for four weeks – a visible effect. After eight weeks of using the Body Skincare Tool, skin density increased palpably by up to 41 per cent. 


Tjark Hartleif, Phil Pannekoicke, Martyna Franczak, Mohamed Errifai, Philipp Heuer, Luzia Mersmann and Dilara Teper (from left to right) on their first day at LR.

Since 01 August 2022, seven fresh young talents are ready to support the team in Olfetal


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Ahlen, 02 August 2022 – It’s an exciting time for LR Health & Beauty and the seven young people, who started their training with the manufacturer of beauty and health products at the beginning of August.

The first day of work has arrived, and the newbies are full of anticipation. For Mohamed Errifai, Martyna Franczak, Tjark Hartleif, Philipp Heuer, Luzia Mersmann, Phil Pannekoicke and Dilara Teper, the start of their first training year also marks a new chapter in their lives. They have all been eagerly awaiting this big day ever since they all got to know one another at an event in June. Training Supervisor Sarah Wendland, who welcomed the new colleagues to LR, was thrilled with the fresh recruits: “For me, officially welcoming our young talents to LR is a special moment. I am looking forward to guiding them on their path into the working world and to answering any questions they may have.”

The new trainees and those on the integrated degree programme will have an exciting training period ahead of them – their first day at LR was already rich in variety: it started with a tour of all the departments. Then, all trainees and students met for lunch. Next, the new recruits got to know the teams with which they will be working for the coming two to three months.

This year’s bunch of trainee jobs are as diverse as the young colleagues who are embarking on them: Dilara Teper, Martyna Franczak and Philipp Heuer are training to become industrial management assistants. Tjark Hartleif and Phil Pannekoicke, who are on the integrated degree programme, will bring their theory knowledge to LR. Luzia Mersmann is raring to start her training as management assistant for marketing communication, where she will get to know LR’s media factory, marketing and public relations departments, while Mohamed Errifai will enrich the IT department as a trainee IT specialist for system integration.

The entire LR team is wishing the new colleagues a great start into their training period, which is sure to be jam-packed with plenty of valuable experiences.


She has been with LR since 1997 and witnessed the launch of the first aloe vera product 20 years ago: Elke Jüttemeier (left), who is being presented with a key chain and thank you card by PR Manager Pia Hovestadt (right).

Company has relied on the desert lily for two decades / foyer at headquarters is scene of celebrations


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Ahlen, 07 July 2022 – Last Friday, there were chants of “Happy Birthday!” at LR Health & Beauty as the Ahlen-based company celebrated the 20th anniversary of its aloe vera portfolio. On 01 July 2002, the first Aloe Vera product came down the conveyor belt – the start of today’s bestselling segment that currently comprises 65 skincare and dietary supplement products.

Celebrations at LR already began in January: a campaign was launched that will run until December, and it also includes a number of promotional offers throughout the summer months. Last Friday, for instance, little gift boxes with a key chain and a thank you message was given to employees at all sites across Ahlen. “Our colleagues are vital to our Aloe Vera success. Without them, we would not be developing our products and sending them out to our sales partners and consumers,” stresses Dr. Andreas Laabs, CEO of the LR Group.

The Aloe Vera success story began in 2002 with the launch of the first Aloe Vera Drinking Gel with honey. That’s why, in the entrance area of the LR headquarters, a 2.20-metre-high pyramid consisting of over 200 bottles of the popular dietary supplement has been erected. With its banner reading “Let’s celebrate!”, it creates a festive vibe.

In 2021 alone, roughly 27.5 million Aloe Vera leaves were harvested in the Mexican highlands for the production of LR’s skincare and dietary supplement products. The excellent quality of LR’s Aloe Vera products is ensured through regular checks by the “International Aloe Science Council”.


The young talents at the presentation of the distribution model.

New trainees discover the world of beauty and health products


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Ahlen, 05 July 2022 – For the traditional first acquaintance, the new trainees of LR Health & Beauty met on 21 June 2022. Together with their families, they dove into LR’s diverse range of products and the exciting manufacturing world at the headquarters in Ahlen.

Aim of the Meet & Greet was to grant the young talents a glimpse into company affairs before their start on 01 August. For this, Head of Training Sarah Wendland, together with trainees Isabelle Tunc and Milena Carzedda, lead them through a diverse programme. Participants took part in a guided tour through the Aloe Vera production, and visited incoming goods and the high-bay warehouse. Afterwards, the talents could learn about the LR company history and sales model, as well as sample some products. At the closing ‚Get Together‘, everyone could relax and let the day pass with snacks and drinks.

Luzia Mersmann, prospective Management Assistant for Marketing Communication, is very happy with the LR visit: “I am very excited for what awaits me in the next years at LR.” Tjark Hartleif, future dual studies student, adds with a wide smile :”For me, the day was an all around success and I think that I will learn a lot at LR, not just professionally, but also personally. It was nice to also be able to show my family where I am going to work soon.”

Head of Training Sarah Wendland, who also started her professional career at LR a few years ago, was also thrilled by the event: “For young people, the start of apprenticeship marks a new chapter in their lives. That’s why we want to make their start in the professional world as easy as possible. With this Meet & Greet, we welcome all new colleagues in advance, so that they feel included by and comfortable with us.”

Change in management at LR: Dr. Andreas Laabs named new CEO as the successor to Andreas Friesch

The current CFO and COO, Dr. Andreas Laabs, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LR Health & Beauty SE and management responsibility for the entire LR Group as of 27 May 2022.


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Ahlen, 25 May 2022 – The current CFO and COO, Dr. Andreas Laabs, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LR Health & Beauty SE and management responsibility for the entire LR Group as of 27 May 2022.

Dr. Laabs succeeds Andreas Friesch, who is making his positions available for personal reasons and will step down on May 27, 2022. Andreas Friesch is very grateful for the special time he spent at LR and is looking positively to the future: „I would like to thank all employees, leaders and partners who have done a fantastic job over the last four years. Together, we have succeeded in developing LR into a modern, digital company. Working with Andreas Laabs and Thomas Heursen has also been great and a lot of fun. I have never experienced a CFO who thinks as sales-oriented as Andreas! That's also exactly why I know the future of LR is in good hands."

Dr. Andreas Laabs emphasizes: "I would like to thank Andreas Friesch for the joint successes we have achieved for the LR Group and wish him all the best on behalf of all employees and partners of LR. At the same time, I look forward to building on the foundation we have laid with our management team. We will consistently continue to digitize our corporate structures and drive forward our international expansion with the expansion of our business in South Korea. Together, we are facing the current challenges of the market environment. In particular, we are concerned with the currently unpredictable development of the macroeconomic situation due to the conflict with Russia, the general pressure on supply chains and global trade, and the resulting restraint in private consumption. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will be able to continue the LR Group's successful course to date in the long term."

Dr. Laabs has been a key figure in the management of LR since 2014 and has played a majorrole in shaping the success of our business. The realignment of the management will ensure continuity of our leadership and provide new impulses and while sustainably securing the growth path beyond the current challenges.

Continuing as General Manager - and with more than 30 years of LR experience - he is joined by Thomas Heursen in his central role as "General Manager Global Partner Relation". Both are extremely confident about a joint, successful future with LR.

Today is the ‘Day of Direct Sales’

Direct Selling Association ‘Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland e.V. (BDD)‘ and LR Health & Beauty celebrate great successes


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Ahlen, 31 May 2022 – Today is 'Direct Selling Day' in Germany, initiated by the German Direct Selling Association (BDD) to draw attention to the advantages of the direct selling industry. At the same time, May 31 is the founding day of the association, which celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. Member company LR Health & Beauty is also joining in the celebrations.

The BDD and LR Health & Beauty have two reasons to celebrate: The association celebrates its 55th anniversary this year, while the Ahlen-based direct sales company looks back on 20 years of aloe vera success. Dr. Andreas Laabs, CEO and Spokesman of the LR Management Board, comments, "On behalf of the LR Group, it gives me particular pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations to the BDD. It is a great feeling to be able to celebrate two such wonderful events." LR and BDD can look back on 11 years of trustful cooperation already. Laabs particularly appreciates the open exchange with the association: "We are very happy to have a strong partner at our side in BDD and congratulate them wholeheartedly on their 55th anniversary."

Positive forecast spurs on in BDD's anniversary year

The fact that direct selling is fully in vogue is confirmed by a market study conducted by the University of Mannheim and commissioned by the BDD. According to the study, the sector continues to enjoy great popularity. Despite more difficult conditions due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the direct selling companies surveyed recorded total sales of EUR 18.72 billion in 2020 - a growth of 0.9 percent compared with the previous year. A total of 911,164 people were active as sales partners in 2020. They named enthusiasm for the products, sympathy for the company and good earning opportunities as the most important reasons for entering the direct sales industry.


For more information on the German Direct Selling Association, visit the website at For more information on LR, visit the website

Balance 2021: LR Global Kids Fund e.V. supports 17 projects with more than half a million euros

The LR Global Kids Fund e.V. is supporting a total of 17 children's aid projects with more than half a million euros in 2021. In this way, the association gives disadvantaged children and young people the chance of a hopeful future.


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Ahlen, 26 April 2022 – For the fourth time in its history, the LR Global Kids Fund e.V. is supporting 17 projects in 17 countries with 522,791 euros in 2021. Compared to the previous year, the association was able to significantly increase project funding by around 30%. In addition, the children's aid association is pleased to have a total of 1,600 ambassadors who regularly support the LR Global Kids Fund e.V.

Together we are strong: LR Global Kids Fund and 'Stiftung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V.' jointly support national projects

The LR Global Kids Fund e.V. has been working with the "Stiftung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V." foundation for 10 years to give disadvantaged children the chance of a better future. The annual highlight of the trusting cooperation is the RTL Donation Marathon, in which LR Global Kids Fund e.V. also participated in 2021. There, Andreas Friesch, Chairman of LR Global Kids Fund e.V., presented the donation check in the amount of 200,000 euros to Wolfram Kons. This donation will provide long-term support for the RTL Kinderhaus in Ahlen.

Supporting the RTL-Kinderhaus Lunch Club in Ahlen is a real matter of the heart for the locally based LR Global Kids Fund e.V.. "The cooperation with the Lunch Club and the pedagogical staff is something very special for us. The geographical proximity to the Lunch Club makes it possible for us to directly experience how much fun and joy the children have there. That's just great," says Angelika Eirich, Junior Manager LR Global Kids Fund e.V. At the Lunch Club, the girls and boys not only receive a hot lunch and support with their schoolwork, but exciting leisure activities are also provided. A few weeks ago, for example, the Lunch Club kids spent an exciting afternoon with lots of adventure and games in the fresh air in the Sauerland region. Some employees of LR Health & Beauty also took part. As part of the company's corporate volunteering program, they supervised the excursion - together with the Lunch Club team. Great fun for young and old!

Commitment beyond the end of one's nose: LR Global Kids Fund e.V. supports projects in 17 countries

LR Global Kids Fund e.V. stands for being active both nationally and internationally. In 2021, one national and 16 international children's aid projects were supported. While the national donation volume was around 200,000 euros, a donation sum of 320,000 euros was disbursed for the international projects. The money was used to support 9 independent projects and 8 projects of the children's charity 'SOS Children's Villages Worldwide'.

In 2021, a total of 450 children from SOS Children's Villages in seven different countries benefited from appropriate education and health services

LR Health & Beauty presents new fitness brand

Dr. med. Matthias Manke (left) and Andreas Friesch, CEO at LR, are looking forward to promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Company enters sports segment and gains Dr. med. Matthias Manke as strong partner


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Ahlen, 01 February 2022 – With the start of 2022, LR Health & Beauty, headquartered in Ahlen/Westphalia (Germany), is launching its new fitness brand LR:GO, which comprises products as well as a holistic coaching package with workout videos, diet plans and expert tips. With the new range, the company is aiming to get people to become more active and fit. LR is also drawing on the expertise of Dr. med. Matthias Manke, who – as a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery – has already looked after track and field athletes at the Bochum-Wattenscheid Olympic training centre as well as footballers of the Bundesliga, the German premier league.

New brand underlines faith in active lifestyle

LR:GO caters to the body’s needs before, during and after exercising. “For us, the new brand underlines the faith in an active lifestyle. This includes a healthy diet and regular training sessions, which are underpinned by the products,” explains Andreas Friesch, CEO and spokesperson for the management of LR.

The product system is based on a sophisticated nutrient concept. “In addition, when developing the products, we made sure they are free from ingredients of animal origin and are therefore also suitable for vegans,” says Katharina Schorez, Head of Marketing at LR. It is also worth mentioning that there is one bespoke product for each of the three training phases – i.e. the phase before, during and after exercising.

Dr. med. Matthias Manke as scientific advisor for LR:GO

As part of the launch of the new fitness brand, LR has managed to gain Dr. med. Matthias Manke as a strong partner. The Bochum-based orthopaedic specialist and trauma surgeon is one of Germany’s most eminent medics. He looks after top athletes (e.g. at the Olympic training centre in Bochum-Wattenscheid and in the Bundesliga, Germany’s premier league) and has made a name for himself as an expert in the field of sports medicine through regular TV contributions and magazine columns. As part of the collaboration with LR, Dr. Manke will offer valuable tips on the subject of sport at events and on communication media.

20 years of Aloe Vera at LR Health & Beauty

The processing of Aloe Vera has been one of the core competencies of LR for 20 years.

Company has relied on the desert lily for two decades / Products are among the main growth engines


Ahlen, 10 January 2022 – For LR Health & Beauty, headquartered in the Westphalian city of Ahlen (Germany), 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of its Aloe Vera products. Since 2002, the company has been successfully marketing a whole range of highquality Aloe Vera items. The portfolio currently comprises 62 care products and dietary supplements that include Aloe Vera.

“Deciding to enter the Aloe Vera segment was key for the development of our business. I always say: LR started by selling fragrances, but it was the distribution of our Aloe Vera products that ultimately made us great,” says Andreas Friesch, CEO and spokesperson for the LR management. “That is why the year 2002 is such an important one in our company history.”

The Aloe Vera success story began with the launch of the first Aloe Vera Drinking Gel with honey (2002). Currently, LR offers a range of five Aloe Vera Drinking Gels with different flavours, of which roughly 72 million bottles have been sold to date. A key milestone in the company history was the construction of the new Aloe Vera production site (2017/2018) with an investment of more than 12 million euros.

“There are about 300 different species of Aloe Vera,” explains Dr. Dominik Jungen, Head of Quality at LR. “However, we only use Barbadensis Miller, which, unlike the other species, is considered a real all-rounder and is also fit for human consumption.” In 2021, approximately 27.5 million leaves were harvested for LR in the Mexican highlands.

The excellent quality of LR’s Aloe Vera products is ensured through regular checks by the “International Aloe Science Council”. This association has set itself the task of safeguarding the interests of the Aloe Vera industry. It monitors the industry with a scientific eye by carefully and at regular intervals checking the quality of the cultivation areas as well as that of the processors and manufacturers of the various products.

“I am proud that LR has succeeded in taking on a pioneering role in the development, production and sale of Aloe Vera products over the past 20 years,” beams Friesch. The anniversary will be celebrate with a large-scale campaign, including various communication measures and an array of activities for the company’s sales partners and employees.